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Francis had his first spiritual experience at the age of 8 during his family's first visit to the 'Miracle Center' in Benin City, Nigeria. Archbishop Benson Idahosa was ministering. Francis heard a voice say to him, "When you grow up, that's what you're going to be doing!" On September 9, 1997, Francis had another divine experience in which Isaiah 42:6-8 was illuminated as his ministry call.

Francis has served under various spiritual leaders. His apostolic covering is Abraham Sam Aiyedogbon, overseer of the Realm of Glory International Churches, with its headquarter in Lagos, Nigeria.

Francis has ministered in Africa, North America, Europe and Canada. His book, The School of God's Presence, reveals his passion to see people develop intimate relationship with the Father through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

Francis is a revelatory teacher, apostolic leader and pastor at The King's Court. He is married to his friend, Debra. Francis & Debra facilitate Kingdom Ministers United --a network of Christian ministers that exalts King Jesus, proclaiming the reign and order of His Kingdom.

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Debra is called as a prophetic intercessor and teacher in the Body of Christ. Her book, "Idolatry of Christian Leaders" reveals her passion to see the Truth of God's character established in the lives of His people. Debra teaches extensively on the prophetic ministry, prayer & intercession, freedom from the grips of idolatry and true alignment to the Father's heart. Other areas of ministry include healing from shame, low self esteem, and emotional hurts.

Debra has served in various positions in ministry for many years. She was affirmed as a Prophet by Apostle John Eckhardt of Crusaders Ministries. Her favorite prayer scriptures come from Ephesians, Colossians, Hebrews and Revelation.

Debra has ministered in the Americas, Africa, Europe and Canada. She is Founder and Executive Director of Kingdom Women of Divine Purpose and Destiny that empowers women to discover and align with God's purposes for their lives. She serves as Administrator at The King's Court, assisting her husband, Francis. 

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Devarian Bo & Cassandra HARVEY 



Verlyn Dianne RANDLE

Prophetic team

Prophetic team


Valencia E. ROSS

Assimilation & Helps

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