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About The King's Court

The King's Court exists to honor God and to advance His Kingdom through the power of His manifest Presence.

To achieve this, we emphasize personal relationship and fellowship with God through Covenant Time in "The School of God's Presence", observed daily.

We believe that people find true life-purposes and ultimate satisfaction in God's presence.

The ministry of the Holy Spirit saves, delivers, sanctifies, heals, guides, prospers, empowers, directs and corrects each disciple of Jesus through the agency of God's Word, in order to accomplish the purposes of God.

As such, we inspire each student of God's School to consciously and intentionally submit to, listen for, wait upon, yield to, and obey the instructions of the Holy Spirit, as well as follow His leadership.

At The King's Court services, attendants participate in Prophetic Praise, Worship, Prophetic Words & Acts, Inspired Teaching of God's Word, Discipleship and Spiritual Empowerment.

Feel free to call, write, or attend one of our services.

God bless you.

Francis & Debra S. Chinaka

Apostolic Leaders

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