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Core Values of The King's Court

Passion for God's Presence: The first man Adam was formed in God’s presence. His identity was also defined in God's presence. In the same way, each of us will find transformation and discover our unique individual identities in God's presence. God's presence must become "home" for each one of us, where God dwells in us and we in Him.

Purpose: Having our identities defined in God's presence, we can then live with a sense of divine purpose. Everything we do and the choices we make in life will then be motivated by our God-defined purposes.

Process: For every well-defined purpose, there is a process—a making process. God, who is our Maker, must have the priority in determining what process leads to the fulfillment of purpose.

People: God is Sovereign. He is always at work in the lives of individuals. This includes the people we meet and interact with daily. Our responsibility is to go past our prejudices and human limitations to discover God-at-work in the lives of the people we come across. God is raising up a Body of people, not just individuals.

Perfection (Maturity): Having discovered our divine purposes, the processes, and the people God has placed in our lives, we must make it our aim to continually be perfected in Christ and to finish the work He has called us to do. In this way, we present our King, Jesus, with a rich enduring harvest

which pleases Him and fulfills our ultimate purpose and satisfaction.

We welcome the opportunity to be a part of 'God’s making process' of your success story.

Francis & Debra S. Chinaka

Apostolic Leaders